Siena and Parker's Wedding Video

What. A Night.

Here’s the thing… Parker and Siena didn’t really have much interest in a bunch of beauty shots on their wedding day. The thing that was most important to them was having a great time with family. Full stop.

Instead of beauty shots Siena wanted to spend time with her dad, bridesmaids, and family. Instead of a tonne of portraits they wanted to get to the dance floor and see their closest friends and family get a little crazy. So that’s what is reflected in their video,

And I’ll be honest, it was a bit hard for me to keep up with that dance floor. The Naked Karate Girls really kept the place moving and I kept thinking I needed to hit the gym if I’m to film another wedding like this one. (Gym status update: I’ll let you know when it’s not wedding season. ;)

A huge congrats to Parker and Siena. I was super happy to have filmed your day!


Photographer: @daniellabean // Band: @nakedkarategirls // Venue: #ZanesvilleCountryClub

Colleen and Taylor's Wedding Video

How’s your Heart?

I often film weddings in churches. There’s a traditional piety that surrounds many wedding ceremonies in those big and beautiful cathedrals and sanctuaries. Not that it’s a bad thing to have meaningful traditions or nice buildings, but that just wasn’t Colleen and Taylor.

Their wedding was truly about God and their relationship with Jesus. Full stop. This was something that was evident through and through no matter what time of day it was. They prayed together, it was the centre of the ceremony, and every single toast revolved around Him.

I think it takes a special person to take a bit of a backseat on such a special day to realise a bigger picture. And sure the wedding was beautiful, the day was beautiful, and Colleen and Taylor was beautiful; but if I may be cliche for a few words - it was most evident that their hearts were beautiful.

Congrats Colleen and Taylor!


Photog: @curtisprophoto // Venue: @thewestincolumbus // DJ: #TommyNutter // Florist: @dalayketevents // Photobooth: @derksworks // Barber: @stammdrew

Samantha and Zach's Wedding Trailer

“Well yeah, but I need the eggs!”

I remember the day - it was hot. So hot. Far too hot for a Canadian I can tell you that but there I was in the beautiful Ohio countryside enjoying a beautiful wedding… drinking lots of water.

But this story isn’t about me and my intolerance of heat, it’s about Sam and Zach. They threw a wedding that celebrated the village. They are two incredibly kind people taking a brave leap of faith into this really weird thing we call love.

But her brother says it best, or rather her brother says Woody Allen in “Annie Hall” who might have said it best:

Huge congrats to you both!


Hair/Makeup - @hillh_allthebeauty_ // Venue - #LazyWFarm // Photographer - @laurenannephoto // DJ - #JeffHunterMobileDJService // Florist - @flowermanweddings // Caterer - @citybbq

Erin and John's Wedding Trailer

“It’s so perfect!”

That was a phrase said more than once by more than just a few people the entire day. And rest assured, dear reader, it was in fact a perfect day.

“You relationship is built on respect… and you bring good people to you.” This quote stuck out to me in a big way, especially that last part. One of the reasons I love filming weddings is getting to see so many people in once place celebrating love. I know, it’s cheesy, but I love when people recognize this fundamental part of a wedding. It takes a village, and it was so obvious with Erin and John that they had a great village.

The people were good, the party was good, it was a perfect day.

Congrats Erin and John!


Speaking of “It Takes a Village”, here are some credits for this amazing wedding:

Fran and Sean's Wedding Trailer

It’s like raiyain, on your wedding day!

I love rain. Maybe it’s the introvert in me but it’s super romantic. And despite what Alanis Morissette might want you to think in her hit song Ironic (which ironically isn’t ironic) it really made a great setting for Sean and Fran’s wedding. Sure, we had to rush things a bit and sure it was a tad cold, but they were both troopers throughout the entire day.

And let’s talk about the reception. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate the love of the couple, but boy did these friends and family know how to celebrate! It was quite the task picking and choosing what dancing clips to put in the video there were so many good ones.

I was very happy with how this video came out, and a huge congratulations to Fran and Sean.

(PS, I wanted to make some sort of Gene Kelly reference in this rain themed post, but it didn’t make it. So here’s an honourable mention. Did you know he had a fever when he filmed that scene?)

Alexis and Josh's Wedding Trailer

“In the cold light I live to love and adore you; it’s all that I am, it’s all that I have.“

15 Years old. For some of us that’s unthinkably early to find a soul mate, but for Alexis and Josh it was perfect timing.

When I sat down with them over coffee a few weeks before the wedding, I was delighted to glean a very laid back personality in both of them - scratch that, a very comfortable aura. Neither of them were very nervous about that wedding; they were just excited to get married and have fun.

And fun was had that evening for sure! (Well, I can speak for myself anyway. But the footage speaks for itself). We wish you both the best of life: the ups and downs and everything in between.

Danielle and Philip's Wedding Trailer

Love is what has brought us here…

Editing these videos always lets me relive a wedding day in microscopic detail; every facial expression, every word said - I relive it all multiple times over and over. And It’s amazing to see the energy these two have and to be reminded of just how much fun this day was, not just for me but for all 300+ people there. (Guys, that’s a lot of fun) Not only that, but the entire day was truly about love. Love for each other, love for family, and most importantly love for God.

In short, congrats to you both and it was such an honour to experience and film the dynamic you two have, and I wish you all the best!

Theresa and Cody's Wedding Trailer

Theresa and Cody are exceptional humans.

Story time! One of my favourite moments was during the ceremony when Theresa’s dad accidentally stepped on her veil causing it to rip from her hair. It’s a moment that might elicit a negative reaction out of some, but Theresa couldn’t stop laughing about it, even after the ceremony was over. She came up to me during portraits and asked (whilst laughing), “Did you see my veil! Did you get it!? Please tell me you got it!” I’ve never seen someone so excited over something going wrong in their ceremony.

Moments like this are some of my favourites to talk about because they really show a lot about a couple; they certainly care for each other (I mean the photos and video are proof enough) and they take every opportunity to enjoy the moments they are given. It’s blatantly apparent that Cody and Theresa are in good hands with each other.

Congrats you two! You are a wonderful couple, fantastic parents, and it was an honour to film your special day!

Dana and Mike's Wedding Trailer

Peter Gabriel knows how to write a love song. 

"The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel is possibly my favourite love song of all time. And while I couldn't find a license to the original, this cover still holds the spirit. 

But enough about classic rock songs I was raised to love, and on to Dana and Mike! These two were incredible to be around the entire day and here are three reasons why: 

  1. Mike made me laugh... always. 
  2. Dana had this infectious excitement about her that was impossible to ignore.
  3. Just watch the video, these two are the cutest. 

Dana did more work than I've ever seen to make this wedding a success. Everything had its place from each guest to the centrepieces. Family was super important to them, and once you met the group it was easy to see why. 

So a huge congratulations to Dana and Mike for being awesome, and letting me spend the day with them. I know you can't go back and do it again but I hope you can look back on the video and beautiful photos and relive it for years to come.