Stephanie and Aaron's Video

"Isn't She Lovely?"

(What wedding blog is complete without the obligatory love song lyric? But seriously I love Stevie Wonder...) 

I had a wonderful day shooting Stephanie and Aaron back in June with Benjamin Derkin of Derk's Works!  (Make sure to check out this video on the Derk's Works Blog as well... so many awesome things there!) This was my second wedding shoot and my first working with my new partner in video, Jason Johns! *Applause* 

My favourite memory was being able to watch the two of them get ready in their respective places, both getting ready in their own way, and then seeing them see each other for the first time on the roof of the Renaissance Hotel with the Columbus downtown behind them. And then, of course, realizing at the last minute that my meter had expired below and frantically rushing to fill it with more quarters (I didn't get a chance to put that in the video.) 

These two were awesome and it was a super fun day to experience with them.