Rosemary and Will's Wedding Trailer

I had probably too much fun with these two...

We spent the day at the Park of Roses in Columbus, OH on a very hot September day celebrating Rosemary and Will''s wedding day. I did my very best to capture their fun, eclectic,  and almost Wes Anderson-esque personalities; they are two very unique people that made my day that much more interesting. Let me tell you a short story to illustrate: 

There were two kisses during the ceremony. One was during the designated kissing time like many weddings we are all familiar with, but the other happened after Will's vows when Rosemary asked "Do we have to wait to kiss, or can I just go ahead now?". No one objected to her spontaneous request and they threw tradition to the wind to share their passion for each other on their time. This only served to frame the moment when Rosemary threw back her entire body and yelled "I DO" before sharing their second kiss of the ceremony. 

Oh... and they had Karaoke. 

This wedding video also featured a Columbus local band that played the reception, Oliver Oak, and a song from their new album called "Ivy and Wine". It fit the video almost too perfectly. 

Congratulations to Rosemary and Will! I had a blast telling your story.