Abbie and Bryson's Wedding Trailer

What a wedding! 

I think my favourite part of spending the day with these two is selfishly the trolly rides. I know, it's just a bus that looks like a trolly but still, I LOVE TROLLIES! 

In all seriousness, probably the best part for me was watching these two silently interact with each other during the ceremony and speeches. I edit most of the event type things in a multi cam sequence, which means I can see all of the angles at the same time. And watching the camera fixed on their faces to see their reactions was the best; every slip up, every odd phrase, every moment - they were essentially able to subtly talk to each other without speaking which was cool to watch (and quite entertaining)

I also had the pleasure of working with Danielle Bean Photography.  Check out this awesome snap of Abbie and Bryson from her website! 

Thank you both letting me share your special day.