Jessica and Aaron's Wedding Trailer

I always have fun shooting weddings, but this one in particular was a grand time because Jessica is a friend of mine, and also happens to be my best friend's sister. The story of how I agreed to shoot their wedding goes a little something like this: I was at my best friend's wedding as his best man earlier that year and as a best man does, was enjoying myself a bit too much during the reception. Enter Jessica: "Hey, would you want to shoot my wedding later this year?" Sneaky sneaky, Jessica: taking advantage of a whiskey infused Josh. ;) 

In all honesty I would have said yes even if I had spent a day clearing my mind drinking wheatgrass and meditating in a cave somewhere. To spend the day with the Maurs (and as I came to realize, the Lavers)  is to spend a day in good company. 

Oh, and I should mention that the invitations you see at the beginning were designed by Jessica herself. THE TALENT!!!!