Mirelle and Derek's Wedding Trailer

Have camera, will travel. 

This was admittedly my favourite wedding to shoot in 2015, not because of how the actual video turned out, but because 1.) I got to travel to beautiful Moonbeam, Ontario Canada and 2.) I was born near there, most of these people are my family. Mirelle is a cousin of mine and we go wayyyyyy back. I've spent many a Christmas with most of the people in this video when I was younger, and that weekend was an absolute joy to shoot. 

The whole outdoor theme was very central to everything Mirelle and Derek did for their wedding, and the sheer amount of personality that they showed through this was outstanding. The fishing, the hunting guns, the 4 wheeler (which was vigorously cleaned the week before); the end clip even has sound clip from the ceremony where someone from the audience yells something along the lines of "Let's go fishing!" in French (or so my mum says, I don't speak French yet...) 

Everything was beautiful, everything was perfect. Thank you both for letting me tell your story in the Great White North!