Caitlin and Kevin's Wedding Trailer

No, seriously, 8mm looks REAL good on you! 

This year I took a bit of a risk to spend a bunch of dollars on super 8mm film... real celluloid, not that fake filter stuff. This was a real camera with real Kodak film goodness inside. And no one was better to pilot this medium than Caitlin and Kevin. And it wasn't just them, it was the entire family; super excited to hear the whirring of sprockets advancing each frame and printing their moments in a vintage beauty. 

Even beyond the film was the vibe of the entire day: excitement and joy. Everyone at the wedding was having such a good time, and that kind of contagious excitement is a big part of what makes memories last for a lifetime. (Plus, have you watched the video? Look how damn adorable these two are!)

So Caitlin and Kevin, a huge congrats to you and thank you for letting us have so much fun with you!