Dana and Grant's Wedding Trailer

This kind of love...

There are very few weddings where I can spend almost the entire night on the dance floor and know almost every single song played. In fact, I often joke to my friends that weddings are the only reason I stay current with music. But one of the things I remember most from Dana and Grant's wedding was their impeccable music taste (well, impeccable to me, and my taste in music is correct soooooo, ya know.)  

That being said, I've been sitting on this Sister Hazel track (one of my favourite 90s bands) for a while waiting for the perfect wedding to use it on, and along came Dana and her sleepy pirate to make my alternative 90s music dreams come true. 

But in all seriousness, this was such a great wedding to film. I love the High Line Car house as a venue and the ceremony was so personal and touching (I mean did you hear those vows? Best vows so far in 2018.) 

Congrats Dana and Grant!