Dana and Mike's Wedding Trailer

Peter Gabriel knows how to write a love song. 

"The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel is possibly my favourite love song of all time. And while I couldn't find a license to the original, this cover still holds the spirit. 

But enough about classic rock songs I was raised to love, and on to Dana and Mike! These two were incredible to be around the entire day and here are three reasons why: 

  1. Mike made me laugh... always. 
  2. Dana had this infectious excitement about her that was impossible to ignore.
  3. Just watch the video, these two are the cutest. 

Dana did more work than I've ever seen to make this wedding a success. Everything had its place from each guest to the centrepieces. Family was super important to them, and once you met the group it was easy to see why. 

So a huge congratulations to Dana and Mike for being awesome, and letting me spend the day with them. I know you can't go back and do it again but I hope you can look back on the video and beautiful photos and relive it for years to come.