Theresa and Cody's Wedding Trailer

Theresa and Cody are exceptional humans.

Story time! One of my favourite moments was during the ceremony when Theresa’s dad accidentally stepped on her veil causing it to rip from her hair. It’s a moment that might elicit a negative reaction out of some, but Theresa couldn’t stop laughing about it, even after the ceremony was over. She came up to me during portraits and asked (whilst laughing), “Did you see my veil! Did you get it!? Please tell me you got it!” I’ve never seen someone so excited over something going wrong in their ceremony.

Moments like this are some of my favourites to talk about because they really show a lot about a couple; they certainly care for each other (I mean the photos and video are proof enough) and they take every opportunity to enjoy the moments they are given. It’s blatantly apparent that Cody and Theresa are in good hands with each other.

Congrats you two! You are a wonderful couple, fantastic parents, and it was an honour to film your special day!