Derks Works

New York Destination Shoot - A Vignette in Super 8mm

I Love Celluloid.

This year, Benjamin Derkin (Columbus wedding photographer) and I traveled to New York to shoot a wedding for his brand (coming soon!). We took a day and explored the city before hand, and despite it being my 4th time in New York I had never done the "touristy" things (like visit the Statue of Liberty). 

I wanted to do something different this time and took my trusty Yashica 8mm camera and only 1 roll of film (about 2 minutes.) It wasn't much film to shoot, but I had a lot of fun with it anyway and wanted to share it with you. 

8mm is something that I am very excited about; it's soemthing that feels very different, and physical tape is made to last for a very long time. I am looking forward to showing off some wedding footage using this medium. 

Kristen and Adam's Wedding Trailer

Would rain stop this day from being beautiful? Neigh! 

It was a rainy day on probably the most beautiful horse farm I've ever seen (hence the really, terribly, awful pun above. Please forgive me.) 

The best part about Adam and Kristen were just how awesome they were through the entire day, fighting cold weather and rain as Anna (the awesome photographer from Derk's Works) and I got what we needed. We were even able to keep the umbrella out of most of the shots! But let me tell you, I think Kristen and I shared a mutual fear of that sparkler exit. Intoxication and fire rarely make for a positive experience, but this time we seemed to have cheated the odds for a spectacular ending to a video. 

Thanks for letting me tell your story, Kristen and Adam! 

Stephanie and Aaron's Video

"Isn't She Lovely?"

(What wedding blog is complete without the obligatory love song lyric? But seriously I love Stevie Wonder...) 

I had a wonderful day shooting Stephanie and Aaron back in June with Benjamin Derkin of Derk's Works!  (Make sure to check out this video on the Derk's Works Blog as well... so many awesome things there!) This was my second wedding shoot and my first working with my new partner in video, Jason Johns! *Applause* 

My favourite memory was being able to watch the two of them get ready in their respective places, both getting ready in their own way, and then seeing them see each other for the first time on the roof of the Renaissance Hotel with the Columbus downtown behind them. And then, of course, realizing at the last minute that my meter had expired below and frantically rushing to fill it with more quarters (I didn't get a chance to put that in the video.) 

These two were awesome and it was a super fun day to experience with them.