Jessica and Aaron's Honeymoon Video

Here's something new that I am pleased to present you... 

I am always looking for ways to capture important moments, especially with a wedding. So many important moments go into it: engagement, ceremony, reception... but I wanted a way to capture the honeymoon in a non invasive and frankly, creepy way. After all, would't you want to show off how awesome your trip was to other people? 

So I send Jessica and Aaron off with a GroPro (showed them how to use it) and waited to see what they would capture. What they came back with was so much fun to put together, and resulted in some major awesomness! I took their footage and edited/color graded it to make it look great, and now they have a video to show all their friends. 

If you're thinking of having an awesome honeymoon, think about making a video.