New York Destination Shoot - A Vignette in Super 8mm

I Love Celluloid.

This year, Benjamin Derkin (Columbus wedding photographer) and I traveled to New York to shoot a wedding for his brand (coming soon!). We took a day and explored the city before hand, and despite it being my 4th time in New York I had never done the "touristy" things (like visit the Statue of Liberty). 

I wanted to do something different this time and took my trusty Yashica 8mm camera and only 1 roll of film (about 2 minutes.) It wasn't much film to shoot, but I had a lot of fun with it anyway and wanted to share it with you. 

8mm is something that I am very excited about; it's soemthing that feels very different, and physical tape is made to last for a very long time. I am looking forward to showing off some wedding footage using this medium. 

Father's Day 2016

Music was everything growing up... 

Lyne (my mum), Mirelle (my cousin), Ray (my step-dad), and me (20 pounds heavier than today). 

Lyne (my mum), Mirelle (my cousin), Ray (my step-dad), and me (20 pounds heavier than today). 

IIIII AAAAMMMM IIIIRRROOONNNN MMAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!!", yelled a modified Ozzy Ozbourne voice as I tried to sleep in on the weekend. It was the the start to another work day in the Feikert household and my step-dad wanted to make sure I knew it was time to rise and shine and get the hell out of bed!

(Oddly enough, Mirelle (the bride in the photo above) was in the room down the hall, getting ready for another day during her own summer job. She's my cousin and I shot her wedding last year in Ontario.)

When I think about my relationship with my father music is the first thing that pops into my head. It was a steady dose of 70s-80s hard rock with some Janis Joplin mixed in (for what reason, God only knows.) But his love of music was part of the reason I went on to get a degree in music and eventually start this business. 

So, in celebration of father's day, I put together a small list of memorable songs that I shared with my dad growing up.

Happy Fathers Day! 

My Vacation 2015

Dear Canada, I love you... 

This autumn I journeyed to Moonbeam, Ontario to shoot my cousin's wedding (coming very soon!). On my way back I wanted to take some time and enjoy the scenery of Lake Superior and northern Michigan. This video includes some views of this beautiful area that I WILL be visiting again very soon. 

I highly recommend taking a trip to the Northern Ontario strip along Lake Superior and visiting the parks and camping sites there. There are days upon days of amazing (literally amazing... not a hyperbole!!!) sights, smells, and sounds for you to enjoy.