Fran and Sean's Wedding Trailer

It’s like raiyain, on your wedding day!

I love rain. Maybe it’s the introvert in me but it’s super romantic. And despite what Alanis Morissette might want you to think in her hit song Ironic (which ironically isn’t ironic) it really made a great setting for Sean and Fran’s wedding. Sure, we had to rush things a bit and sure it was a tad cold, but they were both troopers throughout the entire day.

And let’s talk about the reception. It’s a time for family and friends to celebrate the love of the couple, but boy did these friends and family know how to celebrate! It was quite the task picking and choosing what dancing clips to put in the video there were so many good ones.

I was very happy with how this video came out, and a huge congratulations to Fran and Sean.

(PS, I wanted to make some sort of Gene Kelly reference in this rain themed post, but it didn’t make it. So here’s an honourable mention. Did you know he had a fever when he filmed that scene?)