How do you handle music for the films? 

This is the most popular question. The first thing to realise is that you will likely not be able to use that latest Kanye or Bruno Mars tune. It will be flagged and taken off of YouTube and worst case you, myself, or both will get sued by the record company. The good news is, there are a lot of sites that license good quality indie music and I have already accounted for that cost. 

As a musician myself I take pride in my song choices. While it might not be the exact song you'd like to hear, I don't pick cringe worthy tunes and most couples are happy to let me pick the music. But if you reeeaallyy want to have a say in the matter, I can send over three examples for you to chose from for the Trailer music. 

What is "Feikert" and how do you pronounce it?

Feikert is a German name, and is pronounced "F-eye-kurt". Feikert is a family name that I am paying homage to, and is kind of a long story. Maybe I can tell it to you sometime! 

How do you handle travel expenses?

It depends on where the ceremony is in relation to Central Ohio and is on a case by case basis. If it's an hour outside, it will only be a little bit for gas. If it's a lot further we may require a hotel room so we don't fall asleep at the wheel. All of this can be discussed with full transparency before you ever sign. 

All of this is at cost, and we do not profit off of it, but if we didn't charge for travel there is no way we would be able to leave Central Ohio. 

Do you use a drone and does that cost extra?

I am a licensed FAA remote pilot and I own a drone that bring with me to every wedding. However, there are major restrictions to flying a drone (both from governments and venues) and some serious safety concerns to keep in mind. Furthermore, drones take time to set up and get into the air and weddings aren't known for having lots of time to kill. Therefore, I will only use the drone every once and a while where it makes sense and I am able to. 

And no, when I do use a drone it does not cost extra. :) 

Do you offer a same day edit? 

Short answer, no. My main goal is to capture memories of the day and then assemble those memories to tell a story that let you relive the emotion of the day. A same day edit is usually shown at the reception mere hours after a ceremony has taken place, and couples almost have no time to even begin to reflect on what just happened let alone let it become a memory worth reliving. 

It's impressive for sure. However we see a same day edit as an inturruption in making your video thoughtful and beautiful. 

How do you handle audio for the day? Will I be able to hear our vows?

This is a tough area for videographers for sure. I am lucky to have an audio production background, so I have been able to successfully find good ways to get audio from your day. When I have the option, I always try and tap into the sound system that's being used. However I always operate as if there will be no sound system or DJ, and have enough recorders to cover just about any conceivable situation. Rest assured that your vows will be heard with beautiful clarity! 

Wait, aren't you Derk's Works' videographer?

AH! You got me! Yes I am in fact. Benjamin at Derk's Works and I have been long time friends, and I love shooting weddings with him so much that I will shoot under his brand. He offers the equivelant of the Beautiful Package at the same price point, just with his logo and brand and the advantage of a one-stop shop. 

If you are looking at photography from Derk's and videography from me, this may be a good option. However if you are looking for more options then booking with me separate will be the best move. 

How long until I get to see my video?

8-12 weeks is my contracted delivery time, however I try as hard as I can to stay on the 8 weeks side of things, only using the month buffer in case I have a super huge back log or something goes awry with the mail. 

Do you give RAW footage?

I do not offer raw footage, and trust me when I say you likely don't actually want raw footage. Between the bland colour profile the camera shoots in that needs work in post, the enormous files sizes  (usually around 500GB), the unsweetened audio, and the bad clips that are tossed; raw files are very undesirable. I do my best to deliver the most important parts of the day (I always deliver the full Ceremony, Toasts, and Dances with every package), and with the Beautiful Package and above you will see 95% of the clips I shoot on the day, but you will see them with the best colour, audio, and edits. 

Let me do the work necessary with the raw footage, and you can enjoy your day as it was meant to be. 

We'd love to ask a few questions about your wedding as well! Submit an INQUIRY and we can see if we'd be a good fit for you.