Thoughtful and Beautiful

Considering the role of a wedding videographer, we think this is super important.

To be thoughtful is to understand you and your wedding before we ever touch a camera, allowing us to work more creatively instead of reactionary. It's also paying attention to what's important to both of you so we can capture those moments in the best way; in the most, well, beautiful way. Lastly, it's spending time with these moments after the wedding day to make sure they are assembled and edited in such a way that makes your memories enjoyable to watch. 

Below are some of our favourite videos. Won't you take some time to watch a few? 

Wedding Trailers

There are a few of our favourite wedding trailers, which are 3-5 minute highlight clips designed to tell the story of your day in an easy to watch format. 

Honeymoon Videos

That's right, Honeymoon videos. Don't worry, we aren't coming along with you. But we do give you a GoPro, tell you how to use it, and let you capture the footage of your own amazing adventure! When you get back home just give us the footage and we will make a short highlight reel so you can show it off to friends, family, and that person in your office that wont stop talking about the cool places they visit. 

The Filmic Reel

We pride ourselves on timeless storytelling, and there is nothing more timeless than celluloid itself! Below is a highlight reel of some super 8 footage we filmed on a few different weddings to give you a sense of the vintage and nostalgic feeling it can provoke. It's softer, it's grittier, it's film!


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